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Cosmetic surgery abroad with Dr. Toncic
You can trust Dr Toncic and his experienced medical team

Open and individual approach, based on the mutual trust is the basis of our relationship with patients.

Dr. Dinko Toncic i Rajko ToncicDr. Dinko Toncic i Rajko Toncic

Cosmetic surgery that suits our patients’ needs

Wellbeing and satisfaction of our patients are the key goals of our expert medical team. Therefore, we pay special attention to our patient’s wishes and constantly bare in mind his or her personality and expectations, which make our approach to each patient individual.

We are always here for advice and consultation and for various cosmetic surgery procedures that our patients are interested in. During preoperative examination and consultation with our patient, we make sure we have enough time to discuss all the points in details and to answer all the questions our patients may have.

Preoperative consultation in our clinic with Dr Toncic is an excellent guide for both surgeons and the patients. During the consultation, Dr Toncic and his medical team will explain their patient all cosmetic surgery options with the aim of making the aesthetic surgery potential and our patient’s wishes and expectations meet. This is the first and very important stage towards reaching the desired goal.

Quality based on the tradition and professionalism

Surgical team headed by Dr Rajko Toncic is highly skilled. Dr Toncic’s education is extensive, and he regularly attends Croatian and international congresses and conferences related to cosmetic surgery and pertaining medical areas. His skills and proficiency have been constantly improved during years in surgical practice.

Our team uses a range of surgical techniques that were further perfected by Dr Toncic during his rich medical and surgical career. Some of the special methods he uses are cosmetic and functional nose correction (rhinoplasty), cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), breast augmentation (breast enlargement), ear pinning (ear correction or otoplasty), male breast reduction (correction of gynecomastia), female breast reduction using the small vertical incision and facelift surgery (full facelift and mini facelift) that enable excellent results.

Dr Toncic opened his cosmetic surgery practice in 1987. He was the first in Croatia and the region to open private cosmetic surgery. The current surgical team headed by Dr Toncic has been working together for over 10 years.

Dr Toncic and his team opened a new clinic in a luxurious area of Zagreb in March, 2008. This crowns the success, effort and excellence of their work. The clinic was specially designed and made for the purposes of modern cosmetic surgery clinic.

We pay special attention to details

Beside professionalism and individual approach, in Cosmetic surgery Clinic Dr Toncic, we pay special attention to details. Perfectionism in performing cosmetic surgery procedures is the criteria our team is always faithful to. Therefore, we never finish the surgery until the best possible result is achieved.

In our clinic, patient is on the first place

Our patient is on the first place in our clinic, starting from the first contact, consultation and operation itself, until the final recovery.

We have adjusted to the needs of our patients not only in medical and surgical segment, but also in organization and additional services.

Our staff and professional medical team are glad to help you in all the steps of the way, from your first inquiry. We are fluent in English, and our patients can contact us through phone or email.

Consultation and surgery dates are set as soon as possible or booked well in advance, following our patient’s preferences.

Dr Toncic and his surgical team are looking forward to your email or phone call, and they are here for you for expert advice and professional cosmetic surgery service.

Price for cosmetic operations - cost 170 GBP off for most wanted procedures

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Cosmetic surgery abroad

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr. Toncic

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Aesthetic surgery – Chicago 2009

Chicago panorama

Dr Rajko Toncic and Dr Dinko Toncic took part in the American symposium of aesthetic surgery which was held in the heart of Chicago, the Chicago Renaissance Hotel, from 1st October 2009 to 5th October 2009.




The capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava, hosted a symposium in March on the topic of aesthetic surgery of the breast and breast augmentation, which attended Dr Dinko Toncic as well. The symposium was held under the organization and sponsorship of the firm Eurosilicone, which is the third firm in the world according to production and sales of silicone implants.



Dr. Dinko Toncic, cosmetic surgeon, with an Australian patient Rachel (Vecernji list, 3.9.2011.)

Young Australian girl from Sydney backpacking around Europe came for breast augmentation surgery to Zagreb

I got recommendation in Greece to have breast augmentation in Croatia PLUS Breast enlargement in Croatia costs two times less than in Australia.


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