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Dinko Toncic MD

Dr Dinko Toncic has been applying his experience and knowledge of aesthetic surgery in Cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Toncic for the past ten years.

Dr. Dinko TončićDinko Toncic MD

Thanks to his effort and experience, cosmetic operations carried out by Dr. Dinko Toncic have become a routine. Nevertheless, the approach to each patient is individual.

Having graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Dr Dinko Toncic continues his work in Cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Toncic.

After successfully passing the professional and state examination, Dr Dinko Toncic continues his work as an otorhinolaryngology resident doctor and head and neck resident surgeon on some of the most famous clinics in Zagreb - Clinic for ear, nose and throat in University clinic ‘Sisters of Mercy’ and in the University Hospital for tumors.

As a confirmation of his successful performance and work in medicine, Dr Dinko Toncic successfully passed his specialist examination in 2006, and ever since he has been working as an otorhinolaryngology specialist and head and neck plastic surgeon in Dr Toncic’s clinic.

In March, 2008, Dr Dinko Toncic, and his father Dr Rajko Toncic, opened new Cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Toncic in Zagreb, in a new and exclusive building in the beautiful area of Zagreb.

Dr Dinko Toncic regularly receives and reads specialist medical literature, and takes part in international and domestic specialist congresses, as a lecturer, on some of them.

Dr Toncic is a member of various specialist associations, among which are Croatian medical council and Otorhinolaryngology professional society as a part of Croatian Medical Association.

Being fluent in English and German, ambitious and always striving to expand the knowledge, Dr Dinko Toncic has significantly contributed to the medical and business development of the Cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Toncic.

In his medical and surgical work, Dr Dinko Toncic is constantly guided by the principles of conscientiousness and professionalism, while paying special attention to the details. “The basic principle arising from our conscience and our medical profession, on which Cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Toncic has been working for 20 years, is well being and satisfaction of our patients”, Dr Dinko Toncic says.


Dr. Dinko Tončić diploma Dr. Dinko Tončić diploma Dr Dinko Toncic - License to practice Dr Dinko Toncic - License to practice Dr Dinko Toncic - Grant from the Health Department Dr Dinko Toncic - Grant from the Health Department



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Aesthetic surgery – Chicago 2009

Chicago panorama

Dr Rajko Toncic and Dr Dinko Toncic took part in the American symposium of aesthetic surgery which was held in the heart of Chicago, the Chicago Renaissance Hotel, from 1st October 2009 to 5th October 2009.




The capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava, hosted a symposium in March on the topic of aesthetic surgery of the breast and breast augmentation, which attended Dr Dinko Toncic as well. The symposium was held under the organization and sponsorship of the firm Eurosilicone, which is the third firm in the world according to production and sales of silicone implants.



Dr. Dinko Toncic, cosmetic surgeon, with an Australian patient Rachel (Vecernji list, 3.9.2011.)

Young Australian girl from Sydney backpacking around Europe came for breast augmentation surgery to Zagreb

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