Are oatmeal baths good against hives?
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Are oatmeal baths good against hives?

Hives are also known as urticaria. It is a skin condition characterized by itchy rash, that may appear partly or on the whole body. Acute urticaria clears on its own within six weeks, and if it takes longer than six weeks, then it becomes chronic urticaria. Is there a need for concern for anyone suffering from hives? The answer to this question is yes. Urticaria can be triggered by an underlying medical condition such as cancer and thyroid diseases.

A majority of the people treat hives as an allergic reaction to certain foods or even insect stings. It is medically recommended that a test has to be done to rule out any serious conditions that may be triggering the hives. This article will discuss oatmeal baths as a treatment for hives.

The ancient Romans first described the use of oatmeal for medical purposes. It was until 2003 that the Food and Drug Administration recognized and documented oatmeal as safe and efficient for dermatological applications. The following are biological properties that make oatmeal effective against hives when incorporated in baths. Alternatively you can use Oxyhives, a natural treatment that treat hives very well.

  1. It is rich in avenanthramide

Avenanthramide is a group of phenolic alkaloids found in oats which are rich in antioxidant properties. In response to an allergic reaction, the body releases a compound known as histamine in the blood vessels, which leak to the skin causing swellings in the form of bumps. Studies have shown that prostaglandin a lipid substance with inflammation effects like that of histamine is also released. Avenanthramide inhibits the production and slows down the inflammation action of prostaglandin.

Research shows that when pure avenanthramide is applied directly on the skin with hives induced by ultraviolet light, the inflammation reduces significantly within 24 hours. Oxyhives hives remedy can also be used to treat hives effectively.

  1. It acts as a buffering agent

The body functions optimally at a balanced PH level. The body is continuously generating acidity, and therefore it is in a constant battle to regulate the PH balance in the blood. When the PH levels are low, the sweat produced by the body is acidic too. The result of this acidic sweat is an itchy irritant effect on the skin. Health professionals link many skin conditions including hives to excessive acidic sweat. The oatmeal solution acts as a buffering agent.  It can restore the PH balance of the skin thus soothing the itchy skin and reducing the hives caused by the acidity of the sweat.

  1. It acts as an emollient

Some individuals get hives from scratching their skin. Dry skin is often itchy. Therefore, scratching is unavoidable. Oatmeal bath works as emollient. An emollient is a substance which softens and moisturizes the skin. The oatmeal bath forms an oily layer on top of the skin to trap water in the skin. This moisturizes the skin to treat itchy skin and other skin irritations. It also prevents the skin from further moisture loss.

 How to prepare an oatmeal bath

It is as easy as adding oatmeal fine powder into the tub with warm water. All you need to do is soak in the tub for about 30 minutes. The chemical composition of oatmeal is then absorbed in giving the skin its dermatological benefits.

The oatmeal is suitable for all types of skin. No reported adverse side effects are making it one of the safest natural products to use on the planet.