DIY solutions to fight nail fungus
- June
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DIY solutions to fight nail fungus

Yellow crusty nails are not something you would want to deal with. Apart from damaging your image, fungus might cause pain and general discomfort. Luckily, there are many DIY solutions, you can choose from, to fight this stubborn infection. Read on to discover how to prepare and apply them correctly.

Efficient DIY solutions to use against nail fungus

Nail fungus is a common infection developed when your feet or hands are exposed to this mycotic organism or are kept in a dark moist environment, such as shoes. In its early stage, a fungal infection damages the overall texture which becomes fragile. As the disorder progresses, you will notice yellow or dark spots. Although it may not seem a life-threatening disease, such an infection should not be neglected. The consequences might consist of losing you nails or developing gangrene, especially if you are diabetic.

Though it may sound awkward, studies have proved that Listerine and apple cider vinegar help you heal nail fungus. Mix them in equal amounts in a normal sized bowl. This DIY solution is useful when onychomycosis threatens your appearance and consequently your self-confidence. Soak your fingers and feet in this mixture for about 30 minutes while you brush them softly. Listerine will release antiseptic and anti-fungal properties while vinegar will balance your PH level. Apply the same method constantly to remove the thick texture that keeps changing your nails natural form.

Fight your nail fungus naturally

Another DIY solution which makes your hands look healthy is a mixture of 4 tsp of baking soda, 2 tbs of 3% hydrogen peroxide and warm water. You should soak your nails for 10 minutes. This simple procedure restores your natural color if it is repeated for several months. NIH ( shows that baking soda in different combinations stops onychomycosis. It is true that baking soda will kill fungus but it might not help you recover the appearance. Therefore, you might consider using a DIY solution made of essential oils. Blend tea tree oil with oregano or jojoba oil. Brush the remedy on your hands to remove fungi and to improve your hand’s aspect.

Start using DIY solutions such as the lemon juice. Pour it directly on your hands and feet or use a cotton ball to spread the juice. Let it dry completely and rinse with warm water. This will send antiseptic and anti-fungal properties where they are needed, diminishing discoloration and crumble texture. Besides these remedies, it is vital to have an appropriate hygiene. Clip your nails regularly and keep them dry. The shoes you wear should be comfortable and open toes or at least made of a material that allows your skin to breathe.

Use DIY solutions to fight all types of nail fungus without side effects. This may be a stubborn disorder but nature will always be a reliable ally. So do not give up to your fight against the frustrating fungus even if it will take you months to get rid of it.