Guide to detoxified iodine
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Guide to detoxified iodine

Detoxified iodine was formulated by Edgar Cayce by processing the natural iodine. The natural occurring iodine was electrically charged and converted into an atomic form. This iodine can hold an electric charge because of its incomplete number in electrons. The idea behind charging the naturally occurring iodine is to transform it into the same state as that one produced by the body so that when it is taken in, it can be easily absorbed by the body. Detoxified iodine is also referred to as Lugol.

Benefits of Detoxified Iodine

Edgar Cayce believed that the detoxified iodine could adjust a dysfunctional thyroid, eliminate bacteria, fungi as well as viruses. Further studies were done, and more benefits emerged from the intake of detoxified iodine.

  1. It enhances breast’s health

Our breasts have a larger percentage of iodine than any other organ in the body. It has antioxidants benefits and protects tissues of the breast from oxidative stress. People diagnosed with fibrocystic breast cancer have low levels of iodine. Inadequacy levels of iodine stimulate the production of estrogen in the breast which in turn leads to the generation of microcysts that are the cause of fibrocystic breast cancer.

  1.    It promotes development and health of the brain

Iodine is essential in thyroid hormone synthesis which in turn are required for the development of the brain. Low iodine levels lower an individual’s IQ and reduce mental alertness.

  1.    General body metabolism

The thyroid gland produces hormones which regulate growth and development. It is responsible for regulating the central nervous system, cholesterol levels, weight gain, heart rate, breathing as well as the menstrual cycles. To perform all these functions, the thyroid gland makes use of iodine.

Other benefits associated with iodine include hair growth and fighting cancer cells.

How to take detoxified Iodine

It is advisable to seek medical advice first before taking iodine. When recommended by  a healthcare professional, take five drops four times s day on an empty stomach.

How long should iodine be taken?

There are people with natural low levels of iodine. This people should take iodine as long as it takes. The recommended dose should not be more than 800 mcg per day. Always remember to consult a nutritionist first so that you can take the correct daily dosage. This is to avoid too much or extremely low iodine.

Are there any side effects related to excessive iodine intake?

Too much iodine intake can cause either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. People who are a risk of being affected by excessive or little iodine concentration are those who have had a history of surgery and those with autoimmune thyroid disease. Sources of excess iodine could be from the iodine supplementation( the case of intake of excess maternal iodine tablets), diet especially the iodized salt, medication and radiologic studies.

One may also experience mouth and stomach. Abdominal pain, vomiting as well as diarrhea are symptoms of excessive iodine intake. The mouth might be left with a metallic taste that is unpleasant because of the interference of taste sensations by the iodine. Other symptoms include a burning sensation in the mouth and the throat.